How do you do…..again? Help your child remember more with these simple tips

by Emma Davies | 29th November 2017

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We’re all leading increasingly busy lives and it is a struggle to remember everything we need to pick up at the supermarket, let alone remember new things on a daily basis. Imagine being back at school and the struggle of trying to retain new facts and skills across multiple subjects on a daily basis?

While age is one reason we become a bit more ‘forgetful’, when we do overload our brains with too much information it can become tricky to retain and then apply. And that’s true at any age. Top Tutors work with your children to help them retain and apply information in a way that works best for them.

Four simple ways to help your child remember more

There are simple things that you can do to help your teenager or child remember more easily, such as:

Visual and audio aids

Visual and audio information is big in the classroom but we tend to forget its use when studying. Utilising picture cards for younger children or encouraging your teenager to create a presentation on a subject for you can help them to focus on their studying and, in turn, remember information.

Afternoon study

After a long day at school this is probably the last thing that any child or teenager wants to do. However studies have shown that the afternoon and early evening is – as a general rule of thumb – the best time to retain information. On a weekend why not look at setting a time for your child to study? And combine this with one of our other tips to make the study time more interesting and fun.

Let them become the teacher

It becomes easier to retain information if you start using it. By asking your child or teenager to teach you on their subject, it starts them organising their thoughts in order to relay the information to you. By actively working on the information they need to learn, they also start to mentally ‘file’ it away for the next lesson or exam.


It seems to be the answer for everything but getting enough sleep greatly benefits us all. We know as adults that the less sleep we have the more the next day can be a struggle. If your child or teenager has a set studying routine make sure they get enough sleep before and after they study to help information stay in.

How Top Tutors can help

Combining the above with a tutoring session can help your teenager or child remember more and set them on their future path to success. We tailor all of our tutoring sessions to your child so that they have the knowledge and techniques that are right for them.

Why not give us a call on 020 8349 2148 or complete the form below to find out how our tutors can help?

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