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Helping to prepare your child in the early years can help build a firm foundation for later education. This support does not have to be through a formal lesson working with your child to increase attainment, the tutor can be an additional support to your family to help build your child’s confidence, skills or help with the transition into a new learning environment, moving schools for example or through the SATS process.

Our tutors can help support you with your child’s vocabulary, literacy and numeracy and can be led by the needs you feel your child has. Working together with the parents is an invaluable part of the tuition process, enabling the tutor to build a relationship with your child and help them to build foundations to progress.

11 plus

If you are thinking of getting a tutor to help your child for 11 plus it is always best to allow a tutor ample time to fully support a child as some children need a little time to build confidence to feel equipped to sit an exam.

The 11 plus test is taken in Year 6 in England as the entrance exam for certain grammar schools. Tests vary in each local authority and can involve different tests including verbal reasoning, manipulating letters, words, numbers and non-verbal reasoning, relationships between shapes.  Mathematics and English tests can also be included in some local authorities and grammar school exams but not to the same extent as verbal and non verbal tests.

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