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Finding the right personal tutor for your child can feel like a daunting process. Not knowing where to start the search, ensuring that your child is in safe hands and making sure the tutor has the right background can all add to the stress of the searching process.

Our experienced team will talk you through the process to make sure every angle is covered. The range of questions on our FAQs page explains how we find the right match and provide a useful checklist for hiring a personal tutor.

Why Tutoring?

Children and young people can benefit from tutoring for a wide range of reasons, whether it’s support on a specific exam or a longer term programme to build skills and confidence.

These can include:

  • Preparing for specific exams like GCSEs or the 11+
  • Revision support and advice
  • Coping with a change in school (primary to secondary or moving to a new school)
  • Specialist support for a subject the student is struggling or excelling at
  • Helping with organisation and planning around revision or coursework
  • Building confidence in core skills including literacy and numeracy

Our tutors will work with you to plan the best way to support your child, whether it’s a targeted programme of support for several months or a longer term relationship to help build a strong foundation of skills.

This is what our tutors have to say about their experiences. You can find parent testimonials here.

“Private tuition is an invaluable service in contributing to the progress and success of young people. In my experience, one-to-one tuition is especially effective in targeting areas such as concentration levels, confidence and the building of key skills.”

Heather, Personal Tutor, August 2015

“Having been a Head of Department and teaching for more than 20 years, I decided to get into private tutoring. Being able to tutor a student on a one to one basis, you establish a very different relationship with your students, and soon are able to see what has happened with a student’s learning. It is very rewarding when your student makes that sudden ‘leap’ or ‘jump’ in your subject and you get to see them make immediate progress. More importantly, students’ self-esteem and confidence improves as a result.”

Alfonso, Personal Tutor, August 2015

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