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We have built relationships with schools across London, providing tutors to run one-to-one tutoring sessions either during the school day, out of term time or evenings and weekends. These can take place on the school site or at the young person’s home.

Many schools use their Pupil Premium funding to provide this targeted support for young people to increase progress and/or to help students gain confidence in the classroom. A private tutor can often provide an opportunity for a young person to have a ‘clean sheet’ and set up a new learning relationship which can be transferred into mainstream learning.

Evidence shows that Pupil Premium in schools is largely been spent on 1 to 1 tuition and is shown to be one of the most effective ways to influence education.

Tutors are also available to do small group work in the same way. We work with some schools to provide home tuition over holiday periods to provide continuity. We also provide tuition support for young people in care to support homework or particular subject areas.

If you are a teacher or a school we are happy to talk through your tutoring requirements and put a package of support in place that meets your needs and those of your young people.

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