The results are in but is it too soon to start talking next steps?
We talk about stress post GCSE and A-Level results.

by Nicola Cox | 23rd August 2018

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The summer has come and gone, and the results are in! This year’s A-Level students received the highest proportion of As and A*s since 2012 with an overall pass rate of 97.6%. Somewhat surprisingly, this year’s most popular subject was Maths. There was also a large increase in students taking Computing.

There has been a lot on anticipation around GCSE results with plenty of newspaper reports about the pressure on students as well as the reform of GCSEs in England moving from A* to G grades to a 9 to 1 scale. They have been plenty of arguments on how achievable this top grade will be as this is said to increase the ‘challenge’ of the exams.

Despite this, there has still been a rise in students achieving pass levels but there is also the question of whether the new marking system in England reflects the true abilities of students.  It suggests that stress and anxiety – for all levels of achievement – are set to remain in education for some time.

Anxiety is more than just exam time. It is making subject choices and reaching potential.

There is an increased understanding amongst schools, academies and parents that more support is needed for students especially as the numbers of those struggling with anxiety due to exam and result stress rises.

This anxiety is not just at exam and results time. For those receiving their GCSE results today there is anxiety about choosing the right subjects for AS and A-Levels and how these choices will affect future careers. There is a challenge to education providers and parents to help our young people enjoy their learning and reduce their anxiety in order to help them flourish in their chosen subjects.

This is where tutoring can not only help your teenager succeed but also limit stress and keep enjoyment of their chosen subjects. We take a holistic approach to tutoring that focuses on individual potential and exploring opportunities to succeed regardless of the academic route.

If your child is going into an important exam year next September, then supporting them with a tutor at the start of the school year can make the year a less stressful experience. Tutoring can not only help your teenager reach their potential but also increase their understanding of their chosen subjects while decrease stress through our personal one-to-one approach.

Many people feel anxiety and stress at some point, the key is to take action to alleviate and minimise this where possible. It is no different for young people and children, it is simply harder for them to find the opportunities that will enable them to take action. This is where parents can step in and help their children take action by investigating tutoring.

Tutoring can be one way to support your teenager throughout the school year and help reduce stress

Support through tutoring will not only help your teenager achieve optimal results but will help them stop feeling overwhelmed. We can help reduce their worry by making sure they are prepared for these important exams. We don’t just focus on the subject matter, we also look at coping mechanisms that will help them feel more confident in their ability as well as increasing their understanding of their chosen subject.

If you are based in the London area, contact Top Tutors to learn more about our one-to-one tutoring. Our tutoring takes place in the comfort of your own home and we cover a variety of subjects including core and optional choices such as Maths, English, Science, 11+ as well as a variety of Language subjects. Our tutors will work with you and your teenager to understand what they are struggling with and help create a structure to their lessons, so they are fully supported through their exam years.

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