Is your teenager ready for the stress of mock exams? We have six tips to help

by Emma Davies | 27th October 2017

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Anxiety and stress are becoming increasingly commonplace amongst students of all ages. Childline found there was a sharp rise in the number of counselling sessions taking place for 16-18 year olds especially during exam time.

However exam pressure for your teenager is likely to be starting now. Mock exams are already on the horizon with schools starting to talk about extra studying and potential results. At Top Tutors we understand that you want the best for your child but it can be easy to unwittingly add to their stress.

Booking one of our tutors can of course help. We take a personal approach to your teenager’s studying needs and make sure our tutors meet their individual needs. This helps us to look beyond the required results to see how we can help them build skills and confidence for their GCSEs and future life.

Six tips to help reduce exam anxiety and stress

Top Tutors will help your teenager learn how to deal with exam stress and work towards realistic goals. However there are things that you can do, as a parent, to help your child approach studying in the right way.

  1. Get plenty of sleep
    Easier said than done to get a teenager to sleep we know but it is important for us all. Theta and delta brain waves need time to rest and process the subjects of the day.
  2. Stay hydrated
    Getting plenty of water inside your teenager will not only keep headaches and tiredness away it may also speed up thinking.
  3. Eat well
    A balanced diet with ‘brain food’ like fish, green vegetables, bananas and nuts can all help keep a brain and body fit.
  4. Exercise the brain
    This could be as simple as changing their ‘spot’ at the table to create a new experience for your teenager but will help to keep their brain fit and ready to learn.
  5. Exercise the body
    20% of the oxygen we breathe in goes directly to our brain and we take in more oxygen when we are exercising. Helping to keep us alert and wake for learning as well as happier.
  6. Think positive
    Perhaps the trickiest one to achieve and the one that takes the most time. We can help encourage positive thinking. A positive brain is more likely to learn and remember.

While simple and common sense, we sometimes forget how a change in any of the above affects us as an adult and how this affect seems magnified when you are younger. Looking after your teenager’s wellbeing can go a long way to creating the right mind set for their studies.

Combined with guidance and support from Top Tutors, your child can then focus on the task in hand to achieve the right results for them. Why not give us a call on 020 8349 2148 to find out how our tutors can help?

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